Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beauty 101

So I know this isn't exactly artsy fartsy, but I LOVE beauty and makeup. I find makeup to be extremely artistic especially the extreme makeup artists, and seeing as I often use makeup in my own artwork I figured I'd share a few of my favorite beauty tips, supplies, accessories, and style throughout this Blog. Hope you all enjoy! :):)

My recent beauty favorites....



*Eyeshadow is used to create depth around your eyes, and can even make the eye appear larger than it normally would without eyeshadow. Additionally, you can use eyeshadow as blush, eyeliner, to contour, and to fill in your eyebrows. It's also worth mentioning that eye shadow can give you a boost of confidence, brighten up your face, and hide veins on your eyelids – all of which combine to give you a youthful appearance*

  • Brown eyes really stand out when you use various shades of blue, gray, purple, brown and green. If you have hazel or green eyes, your complimentary colors are various shades of brown, deep plum purple, bronze and green.

  • Blue eyes look great with various shades of blue, gray, brown, green and red. Of course, you don't have to follow these guidelines because each person will have a different shade of eye color, skin tone and preference.

  • Matte eyeshadows don't have any form of glitter, shine or shimmer, and are great to use as a basis for different formulas of other eyeshadows.
  • Matte shadows are also good for covering discoloration on your eyelids. You can look for matte eyeshadows in both cream and pressed powder form.
  • Satin eyeshadow finishes aren't completely matte, but give you a nice and light shimmer similar to a peal, and can be found in pressed powder, pencil, or liquid forms of eyeshadow.
  • Shimmer shadows aren't full-on glittery, but are more sparkly than satin, and can sometimes be sheer enough to allow your skin to peek through. Shimmer eyeshadows that are skin-toned are great to use as highlights on your brow bone, cheekbones, cupids bow, and the bridge of your nose. You'll find shimmer finishes in powder, liquid or pigment formulas.
  • Frost eyeshadows are meant to be full coverage, but the texture will vary from brand to brand. Frost eyeshadow is best for young girls because this formula tends to fall into wrinkles and magnify them. Look for frost eyeshadows in powder or cream shadow formulas.

    1. Make up is such an important part of a woman's life, isn't it! I go for organic, herbal and handmade usually because I got so disgusted reading about all carcinogens they put in conventional beauty products... By the way, today I have posted an interview with teh creators of Herban Crafts, selling DIY beauty products! Wouldn't it be great if we can make our own makeup!

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